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LASIK Surgery NJ, NY – Results & Side Effects

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What to Expect from Your LASIK Surgery

All “refractive” surgeries make permanent changes to the focusing power of your eyes to correct problems such as nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia), and astigmatism (irregular cornea). There are many LASIK surgery NJ & NYC options available today to accomplish this. But how successful are they, what long-term results can you expect, and are there any potential side effects?


LASIK, Intralase LASIK, Wavefront LASIK, Epi-LASIK, LASEK and PRK are some of your LASIK surgery choices that use an excimer laser to assist the surgeon in removing and reshaping your corneal tissue. When done properly by a qualified surgeon, you should achieve clearer vision and no longer be totally dependent on glasses or contact lenses to see well.

Over 95% of all patients are reportedly satisfied with the results of their LASIK surgery NJ.  Of course, the most critical consideration should be to find a skilled and experienced surgeon who offers the latest technology and can educate you about the best procedure based on your unique health considerations. LASIK surgery NJ & NY is not a one-size-fits-all solution.

When you consult with your surgeon about LASIK surgery, it’s very important that you tell him or her about your personal goals and what you hope to achieve from LASIK surgery. Typically, if your vision can be corrected to 20/20 when you’re wearing your glasses or contacts, your surgeon’s goal will be to get as close to that level as possible with LASIK. He or she may also recommend a different procedure that may be better suited to your eyes and get better results for you.


Long-term Results

  • Nearsighted - Research by the American Academy of Ophthalmology shows that the vision of over 90% of patients with some level of myopia can be improved to 20/40 or better with LASIK and they will not need glasses or contact lenses after surgery. The results are best when the nearsightedness is low to moderate. snellen_eye_chartIf you have severe myopia, you may have some initial improvement after your LASIK surgery NJ or NYC but this may diminish as time goes on. Touch-up LASIK treatments can be done to remedy the problem.
  • Farsighted - Farsighted patients can typically achieve good levels of vision improvement after LASIK surgery, but at slightly lower numbers than myopic patients. Farsighted eyes recover more slowly and usually the LASIK results will diminish more quickly. Again, you can take advantage of touch-up treatments.
  • Astigmatism - If you have astigmatism higher than 4 diopters, you may require additional procedures along with your LASIK surgery to achieve the best results. Your vision improvement will depend on the degree of your astigmatism and whether or not you have other refraction problems.

Once you have had LASIK surgery NJ or NYC, your reshaped cornea will never change no matter how much time passes. However, as part of the aging process, you may eventually develop a condition called presbyopia which may mean you will need to wear reading glasses. This would be the case even if you never had LASIK surgery and does not mean that your LASIK procedure failed.

Visit AllAboutVision.com for complete information on myopia and astigmatism, and for an explanation of presbyopia.


Potential side effects from your LASIK surgery NJ

While LASIK surgery NJ & NYC is quite successful for most patients, there are risks of complications or side-effects.  You can expect that it will take up to 6 months for your eyes to heal before you will reach your best vision improvement after LASIK. Problems may include:

  • halos
  • glare or starbursts
  • infections
  • dry eye
  • problems with flap healing
  • temporary night vision problems

Many of these are short-term effects and can be treated and remedied quickly. You may also need to wear glasses occasionally for optimal vision.


Improve Your Chances for Success

lasik surgery nj

No surgery is perfect, but you can greatly improve your chances of success with LASIK surgery NJ or NY by having a consultation with Ilan Cohen, M.D., of 5th Avenue Eye Center. Dr. Cohen is one of the most renowned LASIK surgeons in the nation with vast experience in LASIK techniques and he and his staff will be happy to help you understand the best available treatment options for improving your eyesight.

If you have any questions at all or simply want to learn more about our Manhattan LASIK center, about laser eye surgery in New York or New Jersey, or other laser vision correction options in NYC, Manhattan, Glendale (Queens), or Old Bridge, New Jersey and surrounding cities, we welcome you to email us, call (212) 764-2020 or (866) 731-3937, or visit us in person.


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