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How Long Does LASIK Last?

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Will my LASIK results last forever?

When deciding whether or not LASIK is the right choice for you, the question often enters the patient’s mind, “How long does LASIK last? Will I be cured forever? Will I be able to wake up forever and not have to worry about contacts or glasses?” This article addresses these concerns and gives you the detailed answer that you are looking for. If you still have further questions about LASIK eye surgery, contact the 5th Avenue Eye Center. We are one of the best centers for LASIK eye surgery NJ & NYC and our highly-respected director, Ilan Cohen MD, will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the procedure.

Will I ever have to worry about glasses again?

After having LASIK eye surgery performed, a staggering majority of patients never have to wear glasses or contacts again for the rest of their lives. Depending on the surgeon you choose for the procedure, the lifetime LASIK success rate is anywhere from 85%-99.8%. Even in cases where a corrective procedure is needed after the original LASIK surgery, this is usually not needed until several years down the road. The general odds how-long-does-lasik-last-1of needing a second corrective procedure hover around 5%. The decision to undergo LASIK eye surgery becomes more favorable when the realization is made that it will most likely be a one-time procedure with lifelong benefits to your sight.

While LASIK eye surgery restores vision in nearly every patient, it is important to remember that this procedure doesn’t prevent the normal aging process that the eye undergoes. Most people require reading glasses after the age of 50, and some people will develop cataracts as they age. These are normal problems that can potentially affect anyone, including LASIK patients. Regular checkups with your eye doctor can help to diagnose and treat these age-related eye problems early in their onset.

The age at which you undergo LASIK eye surgery can have an effect on the lifetime success rate, as well. In general, the human eye will continue to form and grow until around the age of 30. This means that having the LASIK procedure performed below the age of 30 will raise your odds of needing a corrective procedure performed down the road. The rate of lifetime success is still extremely high under the age of 30, however. This is because many qualified eye doctors will knowingly overcorrect a younger patient by a slight amount. This helps to ensure the lifelong benefits from a single LASIK procedure.

How long does LASIK last? The 20/20 Conclusion

Almost all LASIK patients will experience lifelong corrected eyesight from the procedure. The LASIK procedure will undoubtedly correct any current eyesight problems you may currently have, but can’t correct for natural aging problems that may arise years down the road. As with any surgical procedure, there are certain risks involved. These risks are best addressed when consulting a qualified eye doctor. If you are from the New York and New Jersey area, feel free to contact 5th Avenue Eye Center. Dr. Cohen and the 5th Avenue Eye Center staff will assist you with any further questions you may have about LASIK surgery, cataract surgery and other laser vision correction procedures. Get in touch with us today to request an appointment!

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