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LASIK Eye Surgery New Jersey/New York Technology

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Which Laser Eye Surgery Technology is Best for You?

lasik-eye-surgery-new-jerseyIs “wavefront-guided” better than “wavefront-optimized”? What is a “flying spot” laser? How about “CustomVue™”, “IntraLase®” and “iLASIK™”? And should you have a “blade” or “bladeless” procedure?

As you surf the Internet looking for reliable advice about lasers and procedures, you’re bound to get a headache from the overwhelming amount of information, and misinformation, that’s available. Unfortunately, the bulk of it is marketing hype that attempts to convince you that one single technology or technique is “best” for every patient. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Laser eye surgery technology has evolved very rapidly since it was introduced more than 20 years ago. At the core of the procedure is the excimer laser machine which modifies the curvature of your cornea with a cool laser beam. There are three main laser platform technologies and each one has specific risks and benefits. Surgeons have debated for years about which laser technology produces superior results. In our experience, each one can produce excellent results in the appropriate patient, if tailored to that patient’s individual eyes.

Before looking into what constitutes “superior” laser eye surgery technology, your first priority should be to find a skilled and experienced cornea surgeon who you can trust to guide you in the right direction.

Meet Dr. Ilan Cohen


Surgeon’s Skill and Experience

drcohenhi-res-150x250 - borderDr. Ilan Cohen is a respected fellowship-trained cornea and refractive surgeon and a recognized authority on laser eye surgery technology. He has spent many years researching and analyzing visual outcomes to determine which technologies and techniques are safest and provide the best results for his patients.

While technology plays an important role, Dr. Cohen’s skill level and experience – and your suitability as a candidate – will be the biggest contributing factors to the success of your surgery and to your overall satisfaction. The most appropriate excimer laser for your LASIK treatment will depend on various elements, such as your degree of refractive error, the size of your pupils and the thickness of your cornea. These must be evaluated for each individual and are never the same for all patients.

By choosing a genuine, experienced cornea specialist, such as Dr. Ilan Cohen, you will be rewarded with better visual results and safety. He is eminently qualified to determine who is – and is not – a good candidate for laser vision correction, and this expertise reduces the chance of complications. He also consistently seeks the very best that technology has to offer for his patients and will make the best decision for your eyes.

An inexperienced LASIK surgeon is not a bargain. Neither is older technology, which costs less but does not always produce the best results. Dr. Cohen’s impressive surgical skills coupled with cutting-edge technology will result in better vision for you.

Why Technology Matters

Our Advanced Laser Technology

Dr. Ilan Cohen performs cataract surgery, Visian ICL implantable lenses, PRK, LASEK, and all of the various LASIK eye surgery New Jersey and New York procedures at his locations in Manhattan, Glendale (Queens), and Old Bridge, NJ. Contact us today to schedule a FREE consultation.
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