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LASIK Eye Surgery Cost NJ

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What Will I Pay for LASIK in New Jersey?

Lasik eye surgery cost nj

LASIK is the most popular laser eye surgery performed today and is very popular with New Jersey residents. None of us wants to pay too much for it, but it’s important to remember that we’re talking about microsurgery on our eyes! LASIK is a service, not a product. Are you willing to risk your eyesight to a corner-cutting, inexperienced LASIK surgeon? Should you just go with the lowest LASIK eye surgery cost NJ and hope for the best?

Consider how much time you spend finding a good mechanic to fix the terrible noise your BMW is making. Do you let the guy down the street, who claims to know what he’s doing, work on it simply because he’s cheap? Or do you look for someone who’s certified to work on BMWs, who knows your make and model, who has modern equipment, and who comes highly recommended?

Every LASIK surgeon will perform LASIK surgery differently using his or her own special skills, training, experience level, and laser equipment. LASIK eye surgery cost NJ will also vary regionally. If you choose a LASIK doctor based on price alone, you may never forgive yourself if something goes wrong.


Average Prices for LASIK Eye Surgery Cost NJ

LASIK NJ and NY surgery price tag

The average price in the U.S. for LASIK surgery is $1,950 per eye according to the research firm Market Scope. In general, for the most advanced procedures, expect your LASIK eye surgery cost NJ with Dr. Cohen to be between $2,250 and $2,750 per eye. The newest, most precise laser on the market is the Allegretto Wavelight laser, and this is the laser that Dr. Cohen uses in more than 90% of his cases. Dr. Cohen’s price includes all pre-op testing and all of the office visits before and after the procedure. We offer financing and you can use your flexible spending dollars towards the cost of the procedure.

Your LASIK eye surgery cost NJ will depend on the condition of your eyes and which type of surgery will work best for you  (LASIK, LASEK, PRK, IntraLASIK, etc.). Other factors that will influence the price of your surgery include: the magnitude of your prescription, the presence of astigmatism, corneal thickness,  and other factors related to the overall condition of your eyes.


What to Look for in your LASIK Center

LASIK New Jersey cost

Unfortunately, price does not equal quality. Your LASIK eye surgery cost NJ does not, in any way, indicate anything about its safety or what results you can expect to get from your surgery. Some of the best LASIK surgeons will be able to offer you very affordable prices, while some of the least qualified surgeons will mislead you by charging high prices. Sometimes low prices are an indication of low quality, so cost should never be your only consideration.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that the top New Jersey LASIK eye surgeons are out of your price range. The bottom line is that you want to find a highly-qualified, experienced NJ LASIK surgeon who uses the latest laser technology. Here are some major things to evaluate:

  • LASIK experience

    All LASIK surgeons are not created equal. Some of them, like Dr. Ilan Cohen of 5th Avenue Eye Center, have many years of experience with laser vision correction and laser technology, and have performed over 10,000 successful LASIK procedures. Others are new in the field and have little experience. Question each of your LASIK NJ surgery candidates about his or her level of experience. Don’t just go with the lowest LASIK eye surgery cost NJ and let them practice their skills on you.

  • Laser technology

    Make sure your LASIK surgeon is knowledgeable about the latest LASIK technology and has the most up-to-date laser equipment. Be suspicious, for example, if your New Jersey LASIK surgeon says you are NOT a good candidate for wavefront LASIK. Ask for a wavefront analysis anyway. And ask if Intralase (bladeless or blade-free LASIK) is available, if needed, to decrease the risk associated with the LASIK flap. If they say you don’t need these things, you will know the surgeon is technologically behind the times. Go elsewhere.

  • Get a thorough examination

    The New Jersey LASIK surgeons you interview should provide you with a complete evaluation to assess your unique vision problems and determine your options. Quite often, your initial consultation will be free of charge. Keep in mind that you may not be a good candidate for LASIK for several reasons, including extreme nearsightedness and cataracts. A highly-qualified LASIK surgeon will be able to offer you a multitude of other procedures such as Visian ICL Implantable Contact Lenses, or a lens replacement surgery, such as ReSTOR, ReZoom, TECNIS or Crystalens to improve your vision.

  • Testimonials

    Satisfied patients never hesitate to recommend their LASIK surgeon to others. Find out what other patients think about the services they received from the LASIK surgeon you’re interviewing. Referrals from respected colleagues are another good indicator that you have found the right doctor for your LASIK surgery. Dr. Ilan Cohen receives referrals from LASIK surgeons across the nation, and dozens of doctors and laser eye surgery specialists have chosen him to treat their own and their family members’ eyes.

  • Financing your LASIK Eye Surgery Cost NJ

    Ask a lot of questions. You may be surprised to find that many of the very best LASIK surgeons offer financing options (often at 0% interest) to fit into your budget and allow you to have the LASIK surgery you always wanted. 5th Avenue Eye Center works with all patients to find financial solutions to meet their needs and make the LASIK eye surgery cost NJ more bearable.


Discount LASIK Myths

Beware of discount NJ & NY LASIK centersDon’t be deceived by the promise of a ridiculously low LASIK eye surgery cost NJ. Read more about misleading LASIK surgery “bait and switch” tactics to understand how these discount centers hide their eligibility requirements and fail to disclose the cost of “extra” services (consultation, follow-up care, etc). Most of the time, these add-on charges will result in your paying as much, or more, than the fees charged by well-known, highly-respected, experienced LASIK surgeons. And it can be dangerous! Don’t sacrifice your eyesight for low LASIK eye surgery cost NJ.


Why 5th Avenue Eye Center?

Ilan Cohen MD, 5th Avenue Eye CenterDr. Ilan Cohen is one of the most experienced and trusted LASIK surgeons in the United States. He uses the most modern technology and can evaluate what the best LASIK procedure will be for your unique eyes.

He has performed more than 10,000 laser eye surgery procedures, including LASIK. After obtaining his medical degree, Dr. Cohen completed a unique Cornea and Refractive Surgery fellowship at the renowned Vanderbilt University Hospital, which means he is highly skilled in all aspects of cornea and refractive surgeries. In addition, Dr. Cohen has trained hundreds of laser eye surgeons through his teaching position at the American Society of Cataract & Refractive Surgery.

Don’t make the mistake of assuming that all of the best New Jersey LASIK surgeons are too expensive or that you can’t afford it. Your LASIK eye surgery cost NJ can be surprisingly affordable at 5th Avenue Eye Center.

In addition to our offices in Old Bridge, New Jersey (Middlesex County) and the greater central New Jersey area, 5th Avenue Eye Center also has locations in Manhattan, NYC, and Glendale (Queens), New York.

Consider one of the top New Jersey LASIK surgeons – schedule your appointment today!

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