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Understanding Visian ICL

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Visian ICL (Implantable Contact Lens)

If you have moderate to severe myopia (nearsightedness) or have thin or irregular corneas, you may not be a suitable candidate for LASIK or PRK. Don’t give up; there’s another alternative that can give you excellent quality of vision and help you experience freedom from thick glasses or contacts.

What is Visian ICL?

about visian iclThe Visian Implantable Contact Lens (ICL) is also known as a phakic IOL. “Phakic” means that the natural lens of the eye is not removed (as occurs in cataract surgery), and “IOL” means intraocular lens, or a lens inside the eye. With Visian ICL, a foldable, injectable intraocular lens is placed behind the iris of the eye and in front of your natural crystalline lens to correct your vision without destroying any delicate corneal tissue.

When compared to other refractive procedures, Visian ICL can give you sharper, clearer, more vivid vision. While LASIK surgery improves your visual acuity, often to 20/20, Visian ICL improves visual quality to make the images that you see focused and clear. The result is “high definition” vision any time of day or night. The procedure takes only a few minutes (about 15) per eye and has an overall success rate of 99.4%.

Many experienced surgeons believe that Visian ICL actually surpasses LASIK in terms of the quality of vision obtained for a similar amount of correction. Even the U.S. military has used this procedure to help soldiers achieve superior visual clarity, as seen in a recent study about ICL procedures performed by US Army surgeons at Ft. Bragg.

The Visian ICL procedure is one of the safest, most effective eye surgeries available. Dr. Ilan Cohen performed the very first ICL surgery in the Tri-State area in 2006. Since then, more than 300,000 people worldwide have enjoyed the benefits of this innovative procedure. Visian ICL is FDA-approved and is reversible. It is a permanent solution and the lenses are designed to be maintenance-free. If your vision changes in the future, the Visian ICL can be removed or replaced.

What is the Visian ICL Lens Made of?

visian-icl-collamer-lensThere are other types of phakic IOLs, but the Visian ICL lens material is made of a high-tech material called “Collamer”, designed exclusively by the STAAR Surgical Company. These lenses contain a small amount of purified collagen, making them biocompatible. This means that your eye will accept them more easily since they are made of organic materials and won’t be rejected by your body’s immune system.

Because the Visian ICL does not attach to any eye structures or move around in the eye, most patients do not feel it or notice that it’s there. It is designed to stay in position by itself and is virtually invisible to people around you. Only your eye doctor will know for sure!

What’s more, these lenses are effective for a wide range of refractive errors, and can correct myopia cases from as low as -3.0 diopters up to -20.0 diopters. Before this procedure became available, many people with myopia levels in this range did not qualify for any kind of surgical eye correction. Visian ICL is opening doors for the millions of people searching for better options for vision surgery.

Who Can Get Visian ICL?

Typically, ideal candidates for implantable contact lenses are:

  • Between the ages of 21 and 45
  • Nearsighted (with or without astigmatism), including people who have myopia that is either mild, moderate or severe and have minor or no astigmatism
  • Have thin corneas and are not a LASIK candidate
  • Have large pupils
  • No history of eye disease such as iritis, glaucoma, or diabetic retinopathy
  • Not pregnant
  • Not allergic to the medications used during surgery

Additionally, candidates who qualify for Visian ICL eye surgery must have sufficient anterior chamber depth, acceptable endothelial cell density and a consistent eyeglass prescription for the last 12 months (this means no change more than 0.5D). These factors are just some of the elements of a comprehensive Visian ICL screening by Dr. Ilan Cohen.

Advantages of Visian ICL

  • Outpatient surgery (in a medical facility or hospital setting)
  • Requires only topical or local anesthesia (numbing eye drops)
  • Short procedure time (15 minutes per eye)
  • Little discomfort and normally painless
  • Quick recovery time (as little as one day to resume normal activities)
  • Sharp visual clarity in addition to acuity (20/20 vision)
  • Lens invisible to the naked eye and undetectable to the wearer
  • Reversible procedure (unlike LASIK)
  • Contains an ultraviolet blocker that protects eyes from exposure to UV radiation
  • 99.4% patient satisfaction rate

Most ophthalmologists perform Visian ICL one eye at a time, a few weeks apart. However, Dr. Cohen has performed more ICL procedures than any surgeon in the Tri-State area, and, due to his long track record and the comfort level that he has achieved with the Visian ICL procedure over the years, he provides patients with the option of having both eyes done on the same day, if desired. However, you may choose to have each eye done on a different day if you prefer.

The Procedure – Step-by-Step

What does Visian ICL cost?


Why Choose Dr. Ilan Cohen for Visian ICL?

Ilan Cohen MD | Visian ICL Surgery New Jersey | New Jersey ICLDr. Ilan Cohen has completed countless successful Visian ICL surgeries in New York and New Jersey, and is the Tri-State area’s most experienced Visian ICL surgeon. He is highly skilled in all aspects of cornea and refractive surgeries and has trained hundreds of laser eye surgeons through his teaching position at the American Society of Cataract & Refractive Surgery. Dr. Cohen can help you decide which method of vision correction surgery is best for your needs.

If you are tired of very thick and restrictive glasses, or if you are highly myopic and have been told you are not a LASIK candidate, please consider Visian ICL as an option. Dr. Cohen works with clients throughout the region to provide affordable Visian ICL eye surgery in New York and New Jersey. There is no obligation for a consultation, and we will address all of your concerns, including Visian ICL cost, the risks involved with implantable contact lenses and what you can expect on the day of and days after your ICL surgery. Put your vision in experienced hands!

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