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Cost of Visian ICL

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What Does Visian ICL Cost?

visian icl cost price of visian iclVisian ICL eye surgery is a corrective procedure that can effectively cure myopia (nearsightedness). During this procedure, the eye surgeon implants a Collamer lens directly behind the iris that will correct vision problems with objects at close range.

Visian ICL is about two times the cost of LASIK vision correction surgery, but it may be the only option for people who don’t qualify for LASIK or other procedures. In addition, the results of Visian ICL often far surpass those of LASIK. Visian ICL not only increases visual acuity (20/20 vision or better), but it also provides patients with high-definition (HD) eyesight in which objects appear sharper and more in focus.

The cost of Visian ICL surgery depends on several factors, including where you live, your specific surgical needs and your current health insurance coverage (if any). On average, you can expect your out-of-pocket expenses for Visian ICL surgery to range from $3,000 to $5,500 per eye (compared with $2,250 to $2,750 per eye for LASIK surgery). However, this estimate includes all aspects of the surgery process, including the cost of your initial exam, your follow up visit, the anesthesiologist and medical supplies you may need.


How to Pay for Visian ICL Eye Surgery

visian-icl-price visian-icl-costCovering the cost of Visian ICL eye surgery can be daunting to think about but, with creative financing options, it might be more affordable than you think! As a rule, most health insurance companies won’t cover any of the costs because they consider Visian ICL to be an elective procedure.

You can reduce the cost of the Visian ICL procedure by setting up a Health Savings Account (HSA) at your bank or contributing to a flexible health benefits program at work. These plans allow you to put away pre-tax dollars that can then be allocated for health expenses. The restrictions on the expenses are usually more relaxed for health savings plans, so you can often use the money towards implantable contact lens surgery.

Additionally, we offer various financing options to help you pay for the cost of Visian ICL correction surgery. We have plans that allow you to make interest-free payments during an introductory period and thereafter at attractive interest rates. Your credit union or bank may also be able to offer you a personal or home equity loan to help you pay for vision correction surgery.

Do you qualify for Visian ICL?

Visian ICL Surgery – Step-by-Step


We’ll Work With You

Although the cost of Visian ICL may seem out of reach, you simply can’t put a price tag on optimal eye health. At the 5th Avenue Eye Center in New York and New Jersey, we offer creative financing solutions that can help you afford this procedure to achieve a better quality of life. Imagine life without needing glasses or contacts ever again! Imagine driving at night with no issues from glare or halos that make you feel nervous. We have helped countless New York and New Jersey area clients and would be proud to help you as well.

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