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LASIK NJ & Alternatives

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Are there alternatives to LASIK?

lasik njDr. Ilan Cohen and 5th Avenue Eye Center do not exclusively perform conventional LASIK. Instead, we offer a complete spectrum of laser vision correction options to meet the needs of our thousands of patients. This means that you will always be offered the unique procedure that is best suited for your individual eyes.

Although LASIK NJ is a popular choice, it is not appropriate for everyone. Some patients have medical conditions, infections, injuries or other factors that preclude them from having LASIK NJ. If you have been told that you don’t qualify for LASIK, visit one of our offices today. We will perform the necessary tests and evaluations, and Dr. Cohen will present you with your options. Read more below about some of the non-LASIK options available for restoring your vision and check out our testimonials to see what our satisfied patients had to say about their non-LASIK procedures. LASIK NJ is NOT your only option!

PRK, LASEK, Epi-Lasik

Also known as non-cutting surface procedures and advanced surface ablation, these terms refer to procedures in which a laser is used to reshape the surface of the cornea. For all laser vision correction procedures, the same laser equipment is used. However, unlike LASIK surgery, no flap is cut. With flapless procedures, the risk of flap-related complications are eliminated. Compared with LASIK, these procedures have a slower healing period (1-2 weeks rather than 2-3 days), but they modify far less corneal tissue.

So, why are these techniques less popular than LASIK? Flapless procedures are more work for the surgeon and, therefore, don’t fit in with the “assembly line” and high turnover philosophy of commercial LASIK NJ centers. In other words, longer surgeries equal fewer patients and less income. However, one of them may be just the right procedure for correcting your unique vision problems.

To find out which Laser Vision Correction option is the right fit for you, be sure to consult with a surgeon like Ilan Cohen MD who is experienced with all available techniques. Visit our other pages on PRK, LASEK and Epi-LASIK to read more about each procedure.


Implantable Contact Lens:

Also known as Visian ICL, “Permanent Contacts” or the Implantable Collamer Lens, this innovative procedure, which is a great option for non-LASIK candidates, does not remove any precious corneal tissue. Instead, a flexible collamer lens is implanted into the eyes to correct the visual problem.

As the first surgeon in the New York and New Jersey area to perform Visian ICL (watch the video), Dr. Cohen is one of the most experienced Visian ICL surgeons in the country.

The Visian ICL is foldable, allowing it to be inserted through a very small incision. It is placed behind the iris and works with the existing natural lens to correct vision. It can also correct prescriptions that are far greater than the range that LASIK NJ can treat. Unlike LASIK NJ, where corneal tissue is permanently removed, Visian ICL is reversible.

The Visian ICL procedure is the most advanced option for implantable contact lenses, and is the safest option currently available. A much older version of the procedure, called the Verisyse lens implant, is still used but is much less effective. To find out more about the Visian ICL procedure, call 5th Avenue Eye Center today and speak with an experienced surgical adviser or refer to our Visian ICL FAQs for more information.

Clear lensectomy (or Clear lens exchange):

In clear lensectomy, the lens inside the eye is replaced with an artificial lens. The procedure is identical to cataract surgery but, with cataracts, the natural lens has become opaque. Only a small incision is necessary, so no sutures are required and post-operative pain is minimal. Vision improvement is very quick. This is usually a good option for the extremely nearsighted or very farsighted person.

5th Avenue Eye Center for LASIK NJ & many other options

5th Avenue Eye Center is your best choice for all types of laser eye surgery in New York City, Glendale, and Old Bridge, NJ. If you’re interested in learning more about LASIK NJ, cataract surgery, or alternative laser vision correction options in Manhattan, Queens or Middlesex county, New Jersey, contact us to schedule your consultation or visit us today.


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