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Cataract Q&A

What are cataracts?

Cataract describes a condition that occurs when the lens of your eye becomes clouded and yellow. The cataract itself is your natural lens that has become opaque or nearly opaque. Cataracts usually occur in older adults as natural proteins in the eye's lens begin to clump together, making it hard for light to reach the back of the eye. Cataracts can develop in one eye or in both eyes. In a few cases, cataracts can also develop in infants whose mothers had certain types of infections during pregnancy or in children with metabolic diseases.

Why do cataracts form?

Most cataracts form as a result of age-related changes that occur in the body. According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), about half of all adults over age 80 have at least one cataract. Aside from age, other causes include:

  • long-term use of steroids

  • trauma

  • diabetes

  • radiation exposure

Do all cataracts require surgery?

When cataracts are in their early stages, some patients may be able to compensate by using magnifiers, glasses or strong, focused lighting. Over time, though, cataracts tend to progress, and surgery is necessary in order to maintain vision.

How are cataracts removed?

Today's techniques and methods make cataract surgery one of the safest surgeries performed in the U.S. today. During the procedure, your eye is gently and safely numbed so you don't feel any discomfort. Tiny incisions enable special instruments to reach your lens so they can carefully break it apart and remove it using gentle suction. Then, a replacement lens (intraocular lens or IOL) is inserted to serve the same function as your eye's natural lens. Premium multifocal IOLs help patients see at all distances without the need for glasses, and there are also special “toric” lenses for people with astigmatism.

The newest IOLs for cataract Surgery New Jersey & New York:

The newest next-generation intraocular lenses available today for cataract surgery in New Jersey or New York each have a slightly different function and no single type of lens is best for every patient. For this reason, your surgeon’s experience with each of these lenses will play an important role in obtaining the right lens for you.

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